We have a considerable amount of grounds/building work commencing very soon.

Firstly, the asbestos from the top of our two-storey building will be removed during the holidays, as well as decommissioned air-conditioning units that are on the roof. These areas will be re-clad and should look much smarter than they currently do. This has been a long awaited project and we are very glad to be seeing this actioned.

Secondly, demolition will begin (likely at the beginning of the holidays) and preparation for our two new buildings will commence. This work is expected to be completed by October/November 2021.

We have been extremely lucky with favourable tenders and expect to have the bitumen areas resurfaced, including levelling of netball courts. This was originally out of scope and we are therefore very pleased with this outcome. Again, this has been on the wishlist for many years.

Our LEOS study is almost completed and will provide a grand plan of the future areas to be addressed. The redevelopment will require removal of some existing play equipment (in order to relocate storage) and we are taking this opportunity to upgrade and replace. We are also looking at the redevelopment of an older years play area along Avenue Road, in front of the Canteen building (this area will be fenced and the driveway closed off now that that we have opened up on to Hampstead Avenue). Various other areas to note include additional nature play areas, sandpits, seating and hopefully a music garden, although these may need to wait until the main build and associated landscaping is completed. Other larger projects such as the oval will likely be identified for longer-term planning. The LEOS has taken community feedback into account, as well as student input and we will send this out for your information very soon.

There is certainly a lot going on! Throw in high enrolment numbers and reduced yard spaces and it will be quite a year, although very much worth it. Split yard times will continue as we work around the various stages of the build and I am sure that there will be times when I call on your support to help navigate the changes. Exciting times for us all.

Please feel free to look through some of the concept designs for the build and surrounding areas a reminder that furniture is for illustration only and some details may differ from the attached.

Nicola Brelsford

Last edited: 27/11/2020