Resource Centre

Inquiry Through Resource-Based Learning: Rationale

To support our aim of children becoming successful, lifelong and independent learners, we have developed a resource-based learning methodology with a focus on Inquiry which is integrated across the curriculum, and which emphasises:

The methodology provides opportunities for the learner’s active involvement in:

Teachers in the Resource Centre act as facilitators, guides, questioners, process modellers or leaders in ensuring Resource-Based Learning and teaching complements and underpins these learning outcomes.

Teacher-Librarians use Literature Studies units:

Resource Centre Borrowing

The Highgate School Resource Centre is open for community borrowing Monday to Friday: 8:30am-8:50am and 3:15pm-3:45pm (Tuesdays until 3:20pm due to staff meeting). Parents are welcome to help their children select and borrow books at these times. Please note that books are on a two week loan, and can be extended if not requested by another borrower.

Students borrow with library passes during allocated times for borrowing or individual use. Students can also borrow with library passess during the day and at recess and lunch. They can also use the library at recess and lunch to play games, use the computers, for drawing and other quiet activities. Teachers please note that passes outline use of Library, times and conditions etc. Some teachers book short borrowing sessions on a needs basis at allocated class borrowing times.

The teacher librarians aim to work with classes and their teachers using collaboratively planned units of work. This allows for greater depth with each unit allowing 2 to 3 sessions per week. This will be initiated at the start of the school year with individual teachers and/or teams. Students learn and develop library skills in the context of units of work over the year.