Ordering Online

Lunches can be ordered online via the Qkr! phone app.

General Information

The canteen opens each day 8.30 am and closes at 1.30 pm.

The canteen phone number is 8271 7580.

The canteen is managed by the canteen sub committee which is responsible to the School Council. The manager is employed and volunteer helpers are needed to serve and prepare lunches. Offers of assistance are much appreciated and if you are able to help, please notify the canteen or respond to volunteer help requests in the school newsletter.

The canteen is working towards healthy food guidelines and aims to provide a variety of food at reasonable cost. Current price lists are available from the canteen or can be downloaded from the icon on the right. Lunch order bags are available from the canteen at a minimal cost. Please do not use envelopes.

The canteen is open recess and lunch times for Primary students. Early Years students may go to the canteen at lunch time only.

Children place their lunch order bags in the class canteen container first thing in the morning.

Forgotten Lunches

If a student has forgotten their lunch, an IOU can be issued after a teacher or office staff member has signed an IOU form. Your child is then given a buttered OR vegemite sandwich. The IOU slip is sent home to the parent/caregiver and payment should be made the next day.