Highgate School Governing Council


Email: dl.1063.govcouncil@schools.sa.edu.au

Governing Council Structure

Highgate School’s Governing Council has the following membership (in line with our 2011 Constitution):

14 members (1 principal, 8 parents, 3 staff and 2 community members).

Community members can be elected by Governing Council from people in the local community who can contribute services or support for the school. They may be parents of the school.

In 2021, our Parent Members are;

Robert Burns Chair Robert.Burns360@schools.sa.edu.au
Josh Simons Secretary josh.simons879@schools.sa.edu.au
George Freney Deputy Chair george.freney849@schools.sa.edu.au
Julie Wadham Treasurer julie.wadham406@schools.sa.edu.au
Zoe Downer Canteen zoe.downer653@schools.sa.edu.au
Chantel Crossman Community Engagement chantel.crossman267@schools.sa.edu.au
Josh Simons OSHC josh.simons879@schools.sa.edu.au
Jessica MacDonald Grounds jessica.macdonald136@schools.sa.edu.au
Benita Foreman Wellbeing & Sport Benita.foreman586@schools.sa.edu.au

(Last Edited: 3/6/2021)