Highgate Foundation

The Foundation was created by a group of enthusiastic parents in 1996 to ensure the school is equipped to meet the growing challenges and provide the best learning environment for our children. It is run by a Board consisting of up to eight people elected by Foundation Members, including four people with experience in finance, law, business and marketing.

Highgate Business Directory 2018

View the newly released Highgate Business Directory 2018 (7.3M, PDF). The Highgate School Foundation Brochure (496K, PDF) and Membership Form (479K, PDF) are available for download.



Foundation Life Membership is open to all families of the school.
Life membership is available for a tax deductible donation of $500.

As a member you will receive the following:


Since 1996 Foundation activities have included a number of projects that have vastly improved the facilities offered to our children.


Completed projects include