Parent Information

The  Highgate Parent Information Folder is available here as a download or as a hard copy from the front office. It contains information about School Procedures, Curriculum, Enrolments, School Environment, Special Programs and School Operations

Information for Parents

Emergency Contact Information

When your child begins school it is crucial the details on the Student Enrolment Form is completed fully and accurately. It is vital you inform the school of any changes during the year to the original information supplied. A verification form is sent out at the beginning of each year.

Consent Forms

Consent forms are issued to students for each excursion/camp that may take place during the year.

Custody of Children

Please notify the Principal of current status or any changes to legal custody. All information is strictly confidential.

Absence from School

Schools are required to keep accurate records of student absences including lateness. Parents are therefore requested to contact the school by phone (8271 9622) or diary note outlining the reason for absence or lateness. If a student will be absent for longer and less than a month it is a requirement to complete an Exemption Form which must be approved by the Principal or if the absence is more than a month the absence must be approved by DECD Delegate. Exemption Forms are available from the Highgate Office.

Leaving School During School Hours

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours without being signed out by a parent/caregiver at the Highgate Office.

Student Illness

If students are injured or unwell at school they will be cared for by a staff member. All staff hold a current Basic Casualty Care certificate. Parents/caregivers will be notified of necessary and appropriate action undertaken.

Medication at School

Please note that medication will only be given with parent’s written permission and instructions for administering. All medication must be taken to the office. In the event of an emergency staff will take such action as they deem necessary for the safety of the child including consulting a local doctor and/or calling an ambulance. Schools are not permitted to give children analgesics.

Absence due to Illness

In the interest of everyone’s well-being, sick children should not be sent to school. Please advise the school if your child is away sick.


The School will not hesitate to call an ambulance in an emergency situation. Parents will be expected to cover the cost either through their family Ambulance Cover or personally.

Sun Smart Policy

Highgate School Council has declared that we are a sun safe school. We aim to promote behaviours within our school community which develop positive attitudes to skin protection and encourage lifestyle practices which can reduce the incidence of skin cancer and associated illness. Students at Highgate are required to wear a “sun safe” broad brimmed or legionnaire hat at all times when outside. SPF 30+ sunscreen is available at the school for student use. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to ensure that their child has applied sunscreen prior to coming to school each day.

Working Bees

The Grounds sub committee organize regular working bees to maintain school grounds and facilities. Parental support is vital to ensure our grounds remain safe and attractive and that our facilities are well maintained.


Parking restrictions exist around Highgate School. Please download the Unley Council Traffic Rules Around Schools brochure.
Local council intermittently monitor parking zones and fine motorists for breaches of these restrictions.
Time Limit Parking
Green Symbol indicates that parking area has time limits
When the symbol appears on the sign alone, the prohibition applies at all times, however, signs may also state certain days and times when the prohibition applies. These signs will state the duration parking is permitted and also may state the days and times the duration applies, for example

8 – 9AM  &  3 – 4PM   MON – FRI

8 – 10AM  MON – FRI

2P Sign denoted this way indicates that a 2 hour parking time applies between the times and on the days mentioned. Arrows on the signs will indicate the direction the parking controls apply.

The Staff car park is strictly for staff use during school times.

Class Parent Representatives

Each class has a Class Parent Representative or a small group who share the role. They liaise between teacher and parents, organize helpers as requested by the teacher, organize social functions and enlist support for class and school fundraising events.

Student Leadership

The goal of each team is to develop a community awareness, to take part in authentic decision making and to provide a community service. The Student Representative Council for the Middle/Senior Students consists of two representatives from each class. They have a two term office and then another two students are elected. The Executive is elected by the Year 6s and 7s and consists of six Year 7 students, three boys and three girls.

Uniform Shop

Uniform information can be found on the School Uniform page.

Summer Uniform Winter Uniform
Summer Uniform Winter Uniform